Putrajaya Luxury Travel Guide | Hidden Gem Sights, Food & Best Hotel

Putrajaya Luxury Travel Guide | Hidden Gem Sights, Food & Best Hotel

Until 1995 there was only rainforest and plantations here in PUTRAJAYA but now this 5,000 hectare region is Malaysia’s #1 eco-friendly city, named after the country’s first prime minister.  And it will surprise you!  Only 25 minutes from KLCC is the perfect destination for a marvellous Weekend Staycation Getaway or Full Day Excursion from Kuala Lumpur.  You’ll feel like you’re a world away as you explore the natural beauty of Putrajaya’s wetlands, walk along its manmade lake, and explore its lovely monuments.  From sun-up to well into the night, there is something for everyone to do and this video should act as a Putrajaya Travel Guide and itinerary for solo travellers, couples, and families.  

You’ll notice that my normal list of fun spaces to enjoy a sunset session or happy hour are mostly missing.  Putrajaya is comprised of quite a traditional Muslim community so alcohol is served (I think!) exclusively in high end hotels that cater to out-of-towners as well as locals.  But the spot I recommend made the best dirty martini I’ve had in ages so you’ll be just fine 😉

MyBalloon Adventure: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Flight – take a ride with MyBalloon Adventure for a memory to last a lifetime.  This was on my bucket list for decades so it was a real dream come true.  The ride takes about 45 minutes and begins at sunrise.  Then it’s followed up by a fun breakfast in a pretty hotel garden.  Cost: RM1,000

Putra Mosque

Set on the picturesque lake in downtown Putrajaya, Putra Mosque’s earth-toned exterior makes it one of the prettiest mosques I’ve seen in Malaysia so far.  I didn’t enter (it was my 1st week off crutches so I couldn’t walk much) but the lovely flower-lined pedestrian-only areas surrounding the mosque made it special for me. 

I realise how “la la la” superficial this sounds but it’s truly an Instagrammers paradise along the lake there.  From cute grandmas to couples posing for a photo together, every single person had their phone or camera out snapping pics!

Taman Putra Perdana Park

This is a hidden gem that is unknown to most people, including a couple of people who have lived for years in Putrajaya who I spoke with and who had never heard of it.  In fact, it’s so off the beaten path that when I went I was the only person in the entire park aside from the gardeners!  It’s a wonderful place to stop in for a picnic lunch or lazy morning stroll.  The park itself is gorgeous but as you’ll see, the views will blow you away. 

Putrajaya Wetlands

Aside from the hot air balloon flight, this was my favourite attraction during my stay.  There were so many diverse birds to watch, with many trees and fauna that are unique to the area.  I even spotted one of those big (I would swear it’s a almost a crocodile haha) water lizards who was feeding on some fish and having quite the time!  It is said to be the largest freshwater wetlands constructed in the tropics and it is Malaysia’s very first man-made wetland.

  • I was told that admission is free throughout the entire park but not by an official working there
  • Open 9am – 5pm but I suggest you go between 11am – 4pm to see the most amount of wildlife because that’s when the feeding buckets are filled
  • Be sure to get out and explore the various areas and tree houses, etc.  I was limited by how much I could walk sadly

Stay at Le Méridien Putrajaya

Do it right and stay in style at Le Méridien Putrajaya!  Their Club level rooms are absolutely massive and come with the added benefit of the Club Lounge.  There you’ll enjoy a chilled breakfast each morning (unless you order brekkie in bed like I did) and a nightly cocktail hour.  The hotel is very centrally located and close to everywhere you’ll want to visit during your stay.  For full details, visit their website.

Their Chinese restaurant Le Mei is a real MUST (check out my behind-the-scenes moments in the kitchen and full restaurant review in this video)! I’d suggest a fine dining dinner there + dim sum lunch on Sunday to extend your Weekend Staycation just a bit longer.

Don’t Miss These Spots!

Because it was my first week off crutches, there were things I really wanted to do but couldn’t.  The 2 most important additions you need to add to your Putrajaya Itinerary are:

  1. Weekend Night Market!  I try to never leave a new travel destination without a visit to at least one of their pasar malam and neither should you 🙂  
  2. Watch The Sunset Over The Lake!  This was high on my list but I missed it sadly.  There’s a spot at the far end of the lake where you can setup a camera for gorgeous shots of the bridge at sunset.  There are also stalls to grab a nibble or something cold to drink so it would be a perfect place for a stroll.
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