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Kuala Lumpur | The Bean Belt Cafe Sells My Favourite DEGAYO Coffee

Kuala Lumpur | The Bean Belt Cafe Sells My Favourite DEGAYO Coffee

Kuala Lumpur is a fabulous city for anyone who appreciates cool cafés and good coffee!  DEGAYO is my favourite Malaysian coffee and until recently the only place I knew where to buy it was in Penang.  Now I’ve found it just around the corner … at The Bean Belt in KLCC (right by KL Tower).  This daytime-only / weekdays-only eatery is a great spot for digital nomads because of its cool “perfect for people-watching” workbench seating that opens up onto Jalan Sultan Ismail.

The Bean Belt serves yummy pastries, healthy salads and sandwiches, and even Malaysian-fusion quiches.  They have a really fun menu of brunch items and the tastiest banana / honey / peanut butter toast in town, too!  Seriously, it took me back home to California in just one bite 🙂  And of course they serve the BEST coffee in Malaysia because they only serve DEGAYO Coffee, including hand-poured, which is what I drink at home.

You can buy 200 gram bags of the actual founder’s blend of DEGAYO for 35 Ringgits and 500 gram bags are only 60 Ringgits, which is the lowest price for DEGAYO I’ve found in Malaysia. 

Connect With The Bean Belt

  • Everything you want to know is on their Facebook page, be sure to follow them for a constant stream of coffee and pastry shots
  • If you’re heading to them on public transport, here’s how to go:
    Monorail >> exit at Bukit Nanas Station, walk toward KL Tower
    LRT >> exit at Dang Wangi Station, walk toward KL Tower

XOXO Angela

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Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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