Langkawi Luxury Travel Guide Video | Where to Stay, What to Do

Langkawi Luxury Travel Guide Video | Where to Stay, What to Do

Langkawi is often called the ‘Bali of Malaysia’ but it is so much more (and delightfully less than that!). My favourite thing about the island is how truly chilled it is and how it offers a complete and total escape from real life. There are but 7 stoplights across all of Langkawi, which should give you a clear sign of just how relaxed and slow-paced the island is. It’s pretty and rugged and chockablock full of world-class 5-star hotels, each one unique to cater to everyone from solo travellers (like me!), honeymooners, yoga enthusiasts, groups of friends, and families.

Come along as I share my top 3 favourite 5-star hotels and things to do on Langkawi.

Best 5-Star Hotels On Langkawi

I have been to several hotels during my 5 trips to Langkawi, these are my top 3 favourites 🙂

  1. The Ritz-Carlton Langkawi – Home to the most unique & opulent spa, the only fine-dining Chinese restaurant on the island, and expansive Maldives-esque villas! For me, this is the perfect place to stay for honeymooners, couples, groups of friends, and anyone looking for an exquisite luxury experience.
  2. Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa – This was the first 5-star hotel ever built on Langkawi! The architecture is pure Malaysian traditional, which makes it special and my favourite recommendation when looking for an authentic experience. For me, this is the perfect place to stay for families, solo travellers, groups of friends, and party-goers (because it is close to the bar district).
  3. Ambong Ambong Rainforest Retreat – If you’re in need of a complete escape and hunger to reconnect with nature, this is where to go on Langkawi. There’s a yoga Pavillion, a wonderful spa, and a feeling to the restaurant/bar that makes you instantly feel at home. For me, this is the perfect place to stay for anyone dedicated to yoga and meditation, honeymooners & couples, and solo travellers in need of introspection.

What To Do On Langkawi

  1. Sunset Cruise with Naam – For me, Naam runs the most luxury of the sunset dinner cruises on the island. The boats are spotless, the ambiance is amazing, and they offer VIP private transfers which are much nicer than the van shuttles. I went as a solo traveller on a boat with mostly Chinese speakers and had a fantastic time! Note: the food and wine are ‘okay’ but honestly you’re going for everything else the cruise has to offer.
  2. Langkawi Sky Bridge & Glass-Bottom Cable Car – This is a must! I went early so I could be the first person on the bridge but if you’re a family, you’ll want to arrive when everything is open. There’s tons to do, including rides and attractions in the main village area below the cable car base. My #1 tip: book the glass-bottom cable car for the ride up and opt for the zipper car to arrive to the bridge, it’s very fun!
  3. Jet Ski Tour with Naam Adventures – One of my regrets is that I didn’t go on the mangrove tour and only rode the jetski around for 30 minutes … but even that was hella-fun! Naam operates out of the top hotels, like Pelangi Beach where I was staying at the time. The mangrove tour looks really interesting, and the only way to see parts of Langkawi off-limits to everyone else.

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