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The Prestige Penang | Hotel & Room Tour

The Prestige Penang | Hotel & Room Tour

It’s always wonderful to see what new luxury properties open up in UNESCO World Heritage City zones … because you know they have adhered to stellar quality standards and are going to WOW us. The Prestige Hotel in Penang was no exception. This “steampunk meets art deco” property is set just off historic Beach Street and close to Little India and much of the most Instagrammy heritage streets in Penang. Come along with me and tour this gorgeous hotel, including the rooftop infinity pool, my room, and the restaurant.

After my video shoot, my favourite chef in Penang, Chef Johnson Wong, moved to The Prestige (formerly from Macalister Mansion). Be sure to read my friend Monica’s review on The Yum List of his gēn  wine pairing menu — it looks divine and I can’t wait to try it later this year!

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Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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