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Islamabad Serena Hotel 5-Star Deluxe Pampering Video Tour

Islamabad Serena Hotel 5-Star Deluxe Pampering Video Tour

Since 2011, I can quite honestly count on one hand the properties that I’ve been lucky enough to feel so immersed in that my hotel review video turns out longer than 15 minutes … and the Islamabad Serena Hotel has just joined them! This 5-star deluxe rated hotel is the only one to be found with this status in all of Pakistan. It’s an icon of the city, a haven for celebs, dignitaries, and the country’s jet setters. It is also home to a caring and guest-centric staff who stay for years, pamper everyone equally (from us every day guests to Pakistan’s top politicians or sports stars), and know-how to be discreet and invisible yet always there to make each stay 1,000% memorable.

In this video you’ll find a tour of everything from my room, mouth-watering glimpses into their signature restaurants, a rare peek behind the curtains of the spa (off-limits for video normally but I was granted special permission), and so much more.

Islamabad Serena Hotel

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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