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Islamabad Vlog | Taxila, Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument & Monal Restaurant

Islamabad Vlog | Taxila, Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument & Monal Restaurant

Heading out for a day or two of sightseeing during your Islamabad trip is going to be fun, trust me! You have a wonderful array of options to choose from that include a 2,000-year-old UNESCO Site, a breathtaking lake, the iconic Faisal Mosque and Pakistan Monument … and even a treehouse to enjoy a meal perched high above the city at sunset.

I was supposed to do this itinerary (and more!) over two days but in the end, had to pack it all into a single day so it’s missing the cute cafes and a nearby mountain where I planned to watch the sunrise (so do a bit of research on your own and try to block two days for sightseeing to round out your own perfect itinerary).




As a solo traveller, they took great care of me. The owner said they work with large groups just as easily, too. Totally recommend them! The owner is Zeeshan, just tell him you want to follow this itinerary for an absolutely perfect day. I’ll be using them again for 2 days of day trips in/around Lahore so stay tuned for an updated review soon.

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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