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Galle Fort Tour + Top Restaurants Sneak Peek

Galle Fort Tour + Top Restaurants Sneak Peek

It’s easy to see why Galle Fort is the most popular spot for closing out an epic journey around Sri Lanka, for both solo travellers and groups. It’s gorgeous, there is tons to see and do (and eat!), and it’s as close to a “city” as most of us want to be after recharging our batteries around the chilled countryside.  The Fort, which was founded in the 16th century by the Portuguese, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so whether you’re staying inside the Fort or just outside of it like me, a tuk tuk tour of the Fort is an absolute MUST!!! My driver was Ananda, and he stuck with me all three days I was in Galle via pre-arranged meet-ups (I didn’t hire him the whole 3 days).


  • For a Tuk Tuk Tour or just for rides, call Ananda +94 775 499 649 (NOTE: Ananda has an analog phone so there’s no whatsapp …. just call him, his English is fantastic)
  • Where I stayed: The Dutch House is the country’s 1st boutique hotel and a perfect place to escape the crowds while being only a moment away from the Fort 
  • Poonie’s Kitchen: organic, super fresh & healthy, with loads of vegetarian options … and it’s friendly and feels good just to be there!
  • Amangalla: head to the top floor to shoot the best sunset pics in town while sipping yummy cocktails, then on down to the terrace for dinner 
  • The Tuna & The Crab: sister to Colombo’s famous Ministry of Crab, Chef Dharshan whips up divine dishes to tempt all seafood lovers 

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Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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