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Dialog Sri Lanka, Best PrePaid/Tourist SIM @ Colombo Airport

Dialog Sri Lanka, Best PrePaid/Tourist SIM @ Colombo Airport

Sorting out your data plan (for Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and all social media) and a SIM card to handle all your calls and messages is easy at Sri Lanka’s International Airport in Colombo. I did a ton of research in advance of a 2 week trip I took on assignment with Esquire magazine. I was travelling around from Colombo to Kandy to Yala to Weligama / Dikwella / Matara, Galle, and back up the coast to Colombo. Dialog Sri Lanka had the best coverage around the country and awesome AWESOME prices!

I went with a super custom data plan that only YouTubers would care about … but for the average “social happy” traveller who watches movies at night, makes a Skype call or two, and uses social media & video to make family and friends back home jealous … Dialog Sri Lanka has a very cool 1,299 Rupee / USD $8 4G Tourist Pack plan! 

I shared an Instagram Story from a sea plane, uploaded a 10-minute (1.4GB) vlog to YouTube from a moving car during a long 4-hour transfer, and Netflix’d every night to relax. Dialog had amazing service and it was only in logical spots like on safari and in remote villages in the mountain or on stretches of rural roads where I was stuck in 3G. I 100% RECOMMEND DIALOG!!!!


To binge watch my entire collection of Sri Lanka vlogs and videos (haha, my fantasy of course!), just click here.  And to check out the awesome data and mobile plans at Dialog Sri Lanka, click here 🙂

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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