2 Amazing Airbnb in Melaka | Heritage Home vs. Luxury Condo

2 Amazing Airbnb in Melaka | Heritage Home vs. Luxury Condo

Deciding which Airbnb to book on your next trip to Melaka will definitely be a bit more difficult after you check out these 2 amazing and absolutely fabulous rentals.  Both have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, both are great for families, and both absolutely won my heart.  The Dutch House because I’ve never had the privilege of staying in a historic home all on my own before and it felt like I was experiencing something truly unique.  And The Nature Bali Lodge because it was decked out so luxuriously and so perfectly that I wanted to move in and take up permanent residency 🙂  Malacca has many Airbnbs to choose from and I imagine these are two of the best in the city.

The Nature Bali Lodge – a luxury condo

What a fabulous 3 bedroom condo!  Honestly, I slept like a baby there, enjoyed staying in for happy hour at the condo solely for the view of the setting sun from the sofa, and the interior design was so perfect it looks like something out of a magazine.  On top of that, the owners think of everything and have setup the condo in a way that parallels the quality standards we ourselves have at home with extras like organic and luxury amenities in the bathroom, gourmet coffee, and an insanely high end drinking water filtration system.  I could have stayed there for months!

You’re just across the river from The Majestic Hotel, a MUST VISIT for High Tea and an afternoon at the spa 😉

Connect with The Nature Bali Lodge 

  • Location: The Shore, with tons of shopping, restaurants, and fun things for kids to do
  • To check availability or for more information, visit The Nature Bali Lodge Airbnb listing
  • To book direct from their own independent website, click here

The Dutch House – heritage home

Stepping back in time feels even more wonderful when you’re inside a UNESCO heritage zone!  The Dutch House is a truly magnificent Airbnb, and most definitely worth planning a trip around.  Not only do you have the run of an entire historic home but there are gardens and private parking … making it a winner on all fronts.  The décor is an eclectic mix of antiques from a variety of centuries combined with a modern mix of touches here and there.  They’ve even stocked up the place with DVDs, which I enjoyed each night.

Connect with The Dutch House

  • Location: About a 6 minute walk to Jonker Street (I either walked or took Ubers to where ever I was headed)
  • To check availability or for more information, visit The Dutch House Airbnb listing

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