Phuket | Monkey Diva’s Posh Dinner Cabaret

Phuket | Monkey Diva’s Posh Dinner Cabaret

Kamala Beach shines brighter (and a bit naughtier) since the opening of Phuket’s most posh drag queen show, Monkey Diva.  This lively, festive, and immersive dinner cabaret will have you singing, dancing, and throwing back cocktails all night long.  The venue is intimate, the girls are total pros (I could see each of them on Ru Paul’s Drag Race!), and the food was really tasty.  Come along with me and Gwang as we make new friends, eat and drink our hearts out, and have a truly memorable night out in Phuket.  I now recommend to anyone going to Phuket to tour the island’s pretty lookouts, enjoy a sunset cruise, and hit up a night at Monkey Diva!  You’ll be so glad you did.

When Googling, it doesn’t take long to realise that infamous Thai lady boy shows in Phuket are often scrappy and cater to budget travellers.  Not here!  You can buy bottles of Moet & Chandon & top shelf spirits for your table if you prefer it, which is a FAB way Monkey Diva sets itself apart from the low-end shows.

Monkey Diva Phuket

  • Price for dinner + free flow wine & cocktails (with hand-passed shots from time to time + the show is THB 1,990 (around USD$60 or RM250)
  • Check out fun pics & videos on Monkey Diva’s Facebook page
  • For show times or to make a reservation, visit Monkey Diva’s website, call on +66 (0) 9 9865 9732 or email them at [email protected]
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