Cheese, Wine & Food Shopping | Jasons & HappyFresh vs. Mercato in Kuala Lumpur

Cheese, Wine & Food Shopping | Jasons & HappyFresh vs. Mercato in Kuala Lumpur

Over the years I’ve learned that I love trying new things, adapting to new situations, and exploring the unknown. I’ve also learned that I’m not happy living without wine and cheese and killer yoghurt in the morning 😉  So finding the perfect grocery store for all of my food shopping has been a challenge over the years while living in countries like India and China but in Kuala Lumpur it’s a breeze!  For me, the best stores are Jasons (which I order from using the HappyFresh app) and Mercato d’Marketplace in Pavilion.  They have a huge selection of delicious cheeses, a nice big wine section, tons of organic fruits and local veggies that I love, and both carry my current obsession yoghurt, Black Swan.

Jasons/HappyFresh vs. Mercato

Honestly, 90% of what I eat and drink at home comes from Jasons via HappyFresh, and has since I first moved here 18 months ago and lived in Mont Kiara (always done off of the HappyFresh app).  Their selection is crazy large and they have everything I need or want, including things like Jackfruit which you can’t find everywhere.

But now that I live one block from Petronas Towers I head over to Mercato when the mood strikes because I can’t buy all the speciality cheeses from the HappyFresh app that I can do in person at the shops (Jasons included, they have many more cheeses on offer in the store).  Plus Perli is there to help give recommendations on new cheeses or to share samples … and no app can offer that kind of human experience yet sadly.

Connect With Jasons, HappyFresh, Mercato

I find the pricing to be really similar between Jasons and Mercato.  And both have fun extras like live juice stations right in the produce section or fresh baked goods and fresh made takeaway meals, which is great at the end of a long day.

  • Mercato >> for location info and current offers, be sure to like Mercato on Facebook
  • Jasons >> for invites to wine tastings and for some culinary inspiration, be sure to like Jasons on Facebook
  • HappyFresh >> to learn more about HappyFresh — which offers a mobile app and they have a desktop version for using from a computer — or to download the app, visit their website.  DON’T MISS OUT EITHER >> the HappyFresh team gave me a special code to offer to everyone so be sure to use the promo/voucher code HappyExpatAngela for 20 Ringgits off your first order (min purchase of RM150, for the first time purchase only so don’t forget to use it)

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