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Phuket | Kata Rocks Oceanfront Villas (Review for FEMALE Mag)

Phuket | Kata Rocks Oceanfront Villas (Review for FEMALE Mag)

Welcome to Kata Rocks!  This modern, tech-friendly, five-star-fabulous villas property was seemingly built as an Instagrammers playground and I was there to review the Ocean Pool Loft for FEMALE Magazine.  Watch my full video tour below, including their wine cellar and open air movie theatre, or click here for my full written review.

[Below snippets from the review originally published online at FEMALE, 7 March 2018]

Out of the 34 villas and lofts, the room you want for a perfect romantic getaway is one of the four uber- private 1-bedroom ocean pool lofts.  Like the rest of Kata Rocks, they’ve made the room keys ultra-techie so you’ll enter the loft swiping an elegant gem-like key fob attached to a short braided rope.  Cross the threshold and you’re home!  Each loft has double vaulted floor-to-ceiling windows that’ll make your jaw drop!

The Ocean Pool Loft

Downstairs is the cozy living room with TV and all the gear you need to soundtrack your stay to perfection.  There’s an American-style island kitchen with everything you need for the expert chefs to whip up insane meals.  There’s a guest bath.  Then through the sliding glass door, you’ll find a lounge, deck chairs, a private infinity pool, and the prettiest view of the sea you can imagine.

Upstairs things get even better because the view is insane!  The TV is slanted at an angle in the ceiling.  The bathroom has a rainforest shower and a nice, big tub with a TV in front of it but the view outside is the perfect ‘natural’ reality show of all time.

Pamper Your Palate

The talented female exec chef Laia is from Barcelona.  She and her team whip up delicious, romantic meals served atop a rock, on the beach, in the loft, or poolside in the restaurant or bar.  There’s even a wine cellar where you can enjoy a Chef’s Table or simply tuck in for a round (or two or three) of wine tasting.  This is an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Kata Rocks

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

I am Angela, a location independent single mom from California (AngelaCarson on YouTube). At 21, I dropped out of uni to travel Mexico solo. I’ve explored 37 countries, living in Spain and India with my daughter, then China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and currently Indonesia as an empty nester. For more, check out the About Me page.

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