Phuket | June Bahtra Sunset Dinner Cruise

Phuket | June Bahtra Sunset Dinner Cruise

Nothing is more clever on a Phuket holiday than planning the day around its magical sunsets, and nowhere better to watch one than on a fun-filled dinner cruise! I recently sailed on the June Bahtra and was amazingly impressed with the experience. The boat itself is a very traditional Asian boat, something akin to the Hong Kong junk boats we all love with gorgeous red sails and wooden decks. They serve a fresh and relatively healthy buffet dinner, soft drinks, and a few wine choices on board that really rounded out the cruise for me!

Best Phuket Sunset Dinner Cruise

Soaking up the sunset around Ko Lawa was so relaxing and chilled.  Honestly, it was my favourite touristy thing I did on that trip and I would do it again on my next one. There was a great mix of people from Australia to Europe and across Asia and the Americas.

I wasn’t the only solo traveller on board so that made striking up a quick conversation easy but the truth is everyone was very sweet so it’s a great excursion to take for couples, groups, or when you’re flying solo 😉

Buy June Bahtra Tickets

I bought my tickets from Asian Oasis for 2,500 Baht and I can see now that they are running a special and offering a free glass of wine when you book online.  The June Bahtra dinner cruises set sail on Wednesday and Saturday. Expect to be out about 5 hours when all is said and done.

  • For more information and to buy your tickets online, visit the Asian Oasis website.
  • Be sure to follow them on Facebook for a constant dose of travel inspiration, some of their other tours and packages look very enticing.

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