The Majestic Malacca Hotel Review | Heritage City Tour + Jonker Night Market

The Majestic Malacca Hotel Review | Heritage City Tour + Jonker Night Market

When you’re stepping back in time, especially at a protected and beloved UNESCO World Heritage Site like Malacca in Malaysia, who wouldn’t want to extend that feeling of history into every aspect of the trip.   Well, when it comes to where to stay, there are only a couple of luxury properties in Malacca that give guests that feeling of utter nostalgia but none that are more charming and colourful in their history than The Majestic Malacca.  Given that it’s just two hours away, I fled to this lovely five star hotel and spa in Malacca as a weekend getaway escape from Kuala Lumpur, although I met two guests at the hotel bar during my stay who boast it as a perfect day trip from KL, too.

Why You’ll Love The Majestic Malacca

  • The Walking Tour!  Ohhhhh my gosh, trust me on this when I say to NOT miss their 2-hour tour.  It was a highlight of my trip!
  • Spa Village!  The rice and nutmeg rolling massage was so relaxing I almost fell asleep thrice, and my skin was as soft as a baby’s bum when they finished with me.
  • The window-side chaise lounge in rooms on the upper floors!  With views out to the sea, I sat and worked from mine for so many hours one day that I forgot to go down for lunch.  They had me at ‘bird’s eye view’ 😉
  • Happy hour!  Sitting at a bar with so much history, that was built a hundred years ago, is a wonderful feeling.  Thousands upon thousands of stories were told here over the decades.

The Rooms

The linens are fine, the wood is dark, and the rooms feel both grand and comfy all at the same time.  I found my room to be spacious and inviting, with everything you’d need to call a room ‘home’ for a few days.  What I loved best is a tie … it’s either between the art deco bathroom with its raised bear-claw tub – OR – the chaise lounge perched alongside the floor-to-ceiling window with a view of historic Malacca ranging out to the sea.

They’ve put thought into the details, too.  There is an endless supply of bath salts.  The mini-bar sells yummy and reasonably priced full bottles of wine at RM 92 (which comes in very handy because at 11pm the entire bar downstairs is packed up and locked away so there’s no chance of having a cheeky one late at night sadly).  The hairdryer is real and doesn’t require a button to be pushed the entire time (man I hate those!).  And their amenities were really nice, from a brand I’ve just discovered call Mangosteen.  Best body lotion I’ve used in a hotel this year, I sadly regret not asking for an extra to bring home with me.

High Tea, Cocktails & Cuisine

The photos say it all for the high tea.  The presentation is flawless and the assorted savoury and sweet treats are prepared to very high quality standards with something healthy and naughty to tempt any and all taste buds.

I’m a big, big, big fan of happy hour and lip-smacking cocktails and The Majestic Malacca does them well.  Their list of wines by the bottle is good, with a few bottles from each major region.

The dining room is pretty and the cuisine is good.  In fact, both myself and another guest agree that their club sandwich is the best we’ve ever had (seriously, it is perfection).  However, the menu is very small and aside from 3 items is 100% Malaysian cuisine, with zero international (non-sandwich/burger) mains or desserts.  The chef is lovely, though, so if you want something special … all you have to do is ask him.

Night Market & Malacca Walking Tour – UNESCO World Heritage City

Looking for a crazy and fabulous time out while exploring the beloved UNESCO World Heritage city Malacca in Malaysia?  Well, the Jonker Street Night Market is just what you need!  It is full of friendly, warm, and fun people and guaranteed to please your taste buds.  Since it is only open on the weekend, I actually planned my trip to Malacca around it and I’m so happy I did.

Additionally, the hotel’s walking tour was a highlight of my trip!  For 2 hours you’ll explore the gorgeous historic area protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage city, learning details that paint a picture of this lovely port city in a way that’s truly memorable.  I even stopped to do some shopping during the walk, taking away with me the best souvenirs imaginable.

Spa Village

What a bright, airy, and pretty spa!  Spa Village at The Majestic Malacca offers a nice assortment of treatments for both men and women.  I chose the nutmeg rice rolling massage and it was so relaxing I almost fell asleep three times.  At the end of it my skin was as soft as a baby’s bum from the way they naturally exfoliate the skin while massaging the muscles.  It was 90 minutes of pure heaven!

Afterwards I enjoyed an exotic bath filled with warm – not hot – water infused with lime juice and floating Kaffir lime slices, lime leaves, and flowers.  The team lit candles and dimmed the lights and even gave me a rose at the end of it as a little gift.

Connect with The Majestic Malacca Hotel & Spa

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