The Andaman Langkawi | Beach Bar & Tepian Laut Restaurant Tour at Sunset

The Andaman Langkawi | Beach Bar & Tepian Laut Restaurant Tour at Sunset

Join me and my dear mate Lukas for a few drinks at Beach Bar, then for a glimpse of The Andaman Langkawi’s gorgeous bay, and finally dinner served by the most charming waiters at Tepian Laut, their seaside al fresco Malaysian restaurant.  One peek at this 5 star hotel on its secluded stretch of coastline will have you ready to pack your bags and escape to live the island life with the one you love.

Why You’ll Love The Andaman

  • Perfect for Honeymoons & Romance! This lovely property is not only set in one of the prettiest bays on Langakawi but it’s one of the most remote spots on the island.  There’ll be nothing to distract you from gazing into each other’s eyes here.
  • Relaxed Elegance! While the service is VIP and truly 5-star, the ambiance is unpretentious and completely chilled with ‘resort casual’ as the primary dress code throughout the property.  You’ll kick your shoes off in the beach bar and feel right at home everywhere else, it’s fabulous.
  • The Sunsets! Tuck in nightly for delicious and perfectly mixed cocktails then dinner along the Anadaman Sea … even on a swing.

Contact & Connect

For more information or to make a reservation, visit their website.  And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for a continual burst of travel inspiration (especially the IG account, which is curated beautifully!).

XOXO Angela

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