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Liu Men | Melaka’s Only Luxury Boutique Hotel

Liu Men | Melaka’s Only Luxury Boutique Hotel

Anyone who has planned a trip or travelled to Melaka knows that only a few of the big hotels have ever offered a truly luxury getaway experience. Well, not any more! Liu Men is this UNESCO World Heritage Site’s first luxury boutique hotel, located in the historic heart of the city. The staff are attentive and will make you feel wonderfully special. Every attention to detail has been placed on the renovation of the building and the gorgeous symmetry of the interior design that is pure decadence! And the culinary delights do not disappoint! In fact, their twist on High Tea is a destination in itself.

In this video, spend 10 minutes diving into everything fabulous you’ll enjoy at Liu Men Hotel. This is an exquisite property and an absolute MUST for your next visit to Malacca.

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Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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