Heritage Line Jewel of Halong Bay 2-Night Luxury Cruise

Heritage Line Jewel of Halong Bay 2-Night Luxury Cruise

No trip to Hanoi is complete without a lulling cruise on Halong Bay … and there’s no better way to experience it in vintage style than on a Heritage Line cruise.  Their 2-night Jewel of Halong Bay is a mesmerising journey that slowly (and almost silently) winds you through thousands of the rainforest-topped limestone islands in one of UNESCO’s most breathtaking World Heritage Sites.

From the moment you step from the gangway onto the Jasmine, a traditional Vietnamese junk with three sails, you’ll feel a connection to history and the natural beauty all around you.  The ship welcomes guests with its ornate, decorative details and its dark wood inside and out.  It’s a pretty ship and the perfect choice for couples looking for timeless romance in Vietnam OR for solo travellers because the guests are very warm and I ate with really lovely people from around the world at each meal.  It’s also one of the few lines that offers a 2-night cruise and trust me, you’ll want two nights.

There are fun activities onboard each day like sunrise tai chi and a cooking class each evening at sunset.  And while there is a full roster of excursions, I thought I’d quickly explain why you won’t see any in the video (please check here for the itinerary of activities you could enjoy).  I decided to stay on board and chill because of the reviews I read of them feeling overly touristy (which is not the way I like to travel).  The reviews were not of Heritage Line excursions but excursions in general from all ships because there are simply too many cruises on Halong Bay and it is over saturated at the excursion sites.

My biggest complaint was on the food, which I hadn’t realised would be only buffet or set menu on the Jasmine.  I learned later that Heritage Line’s ship Violet has à la carte dining and is more luxury-focused. So my suggestion is to set sail on the Violet because while I enjoyed everything else, the only meal I enjoyed was the BBQ on night one.

Heritage Line Jewel of Halong Bay Cruise

This was such a peaceful and relaxing experience that I honestly was sad to disembark.  Definitely book the 2-night cruise in a balcony cabin and go in for that foot massage!

XOXO Angela


– Leica V-Lux Camera with 4K video and 25 – 400mm zoom from YL Camera Malaysia

– Selfie moments:shot on my iPhone using a leather and gold MOMAX Selfie Pro stick

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