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St. Giles The Gardens Hotel Kuala Lumpur Executive Club – Atop Best Luxury Shopping Mall in KL

St. Giles The Gardens Hotel Kuala Lumpur Executive Club – Atop Best Luxury Shopping Mall in KL

A foodie-fabulous hotel awaits you in Kuala Lumpur high above The Gardens and (next to) Mid Valley Mall.  St. Giles The Gardens Hotel offers up breathtaking views of KL, a large executive club, and access to the single best shopping in the city!  No joke, if you’re looking for a revolving door to the world’s best brands and top luxury goods, this is the only hotel for you.  Ohhhhh, and their fine dining restaurant and wine bar Sage will have you singing with their perfect wine and Champagne pairings.  Check it out:

Why You’ll Love St. Giles The Gardens

  • Sage!  OMG … Sage was a highlight of my stay, and a culinary experience that I absolutely 100% enjoyed.  That team knows how to whip up a fine dining extravaganza that delights the senses, with the in-house almost-sommelier pairing the meal to perfect.
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping!  Ohhhh lordy all the shopping!  You’ll be sat above the single BEST shopping mall in KL for all things that bling and entice the consumer-senses!
  • The bathrooms!  No joke, I’m being totally serious.  I’m no spring chicken and that bathroom was a gift with a well-lit vanity mirror and lots of light.  It was easy to get ready there at The Gardens.

The Rooms

Cosy but with one of my favourite bathrooms in KL, the Executive Level rooms offer up wonderful views of the city.  The housekeeping staff even leaves little balloons from time to time that l found really fun.

Book an Executive Premier room!  I was in a Deluxe room and although I did love the bathroom for all the mirrors and the great lighting, I wasn’t a fan of the room.  It feels quite dated and is very small.  I’ve seen pics of the Executive Premier room and that looks modern and infinitely more welcoming.  Definitely go for that room category at minimum.

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar

Sage is presided over by the charming and oh-so-skilled Chef KK Yau, who really made my evening special.  Seriously, what a great experience!  At Sage you have the choice to sit either at a table with a view of the quieter side of the city or at the bar that wraps around the open kitchen and I chose the latter.  It’s an amazing spot to watch the chefs plate up and cook a bit of the magic that eventually ends up on our plates!  They have a wonderful mix of fresh fish and seafood, meats, and vegetarian dishes to entice any palette.  And they pair each one with the most wonderful selection of wine or Champers.  It’s truly delightful.

Executive Club

The Executive Club serves up a very peaceful brekkie, afternoon tea, and happy hour for executive guests.  The views of KLCC are absolutely lovely and the staff are very sweet.

The Spread

Although The Spread offers up a buffet selection for your dining pleasure, I would highly recommend the à la carte menu.  They serve up everything from nachos and sate to delicious laksa, fresh fish, and even DURIAN cheesecake!!  I was sooo thrilled to try that, too, was my first durian anything in Malaysia … and it was deeee-lish!

Definitely try the durian cheesecake, it was fabulous!

Connect with The Gardens Hotel KL

To make a reservation or for more information, visit their website.  And be sure to follow their parent brand St. Giles’ Instagram account, it’s one of my favourite hotel Instagram accounts because they focus on US, the guest.  Do check it out and hit the ‘follow’ button!

XOXO Angela

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