Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara | French Style Staycation in Malaysia

Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara | French Style Staycation in Malaysia

There’s always a curiosity when a new hotel kid-on-the-block pops up and I’m here to report that Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara will definitely surprise you … in all the right ways!  It is modern, elegant, shiny, and new, with an interior design that feels playful, welcoming, and understated all at the same time.  Only half of the floors were open at the time I spent my weekend staycation there but already the staff are servicing guests at the exquisite and exemplary level that Sofitel is known for around the world.  Pour a glass of wine or grab a cuppa chai and come along with me for a full tour around the Prestige Suite, Club lounge, each of the restaurants and the bar, and much, much more >>

Why You’ll Love Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

  • It’s Stunning!  In part because it is brand spanking new but MOSTLY because of the interior designer, you’ll feel you’re somewhere special from the moment you roll up.  There are countless pieces that feel like art installations throughout.  The light features and chandeliers were one of my favourite things to look at and shoot for the video (so so pretty!).  And the mix of modern luxury with simple styles and colours are perfection.
  • Club Millésime!  It is bright, the service level is flawless (and goes well ‘above and beyond’), and overall it now sits in the top 3 of my Top 5 Club Lounges in Kuala Lumpur.  There are hand-passed canapés and Champagne (not Prosecco or sparkling) at cocktail hour and the afternoon tea is cultural mix of all things sweet and dee-lish from Malaysia and France.
  • Wan Chun Ting!  I am sure that it is the loveliest Chinese restaurant in KL but I also struggle to think of another restaurant I’ve loved the look of more throughout Asia.  It is understated, innovative in design, and gorgeous!  Oh, and the food?  It knocked my socks of with each bite.  Don’t miss their dim sum or the chance to order ahead for a duck fresh from the wood and charcoal fired oven.  They have private rooms for up to 12 – 18 people with everything you’d need for a wonderful party or exclusive event or meeting, including a private bar, lounge, and facilities inside just for you.
  • Prestige Suite!  The suites are cosy and I could easily imagine an extended stay there.  They are also (wonderfully) chockablock full of the modern amenities we crave like ALL the outlets and plugs required to charge our gear and Hermès bath products that make for the most aromatic bubble bath you can imagine.  In fact, the bathtub was my favourite feature in the room as you’ll see in the video 🙂
  • LE Bar Signature Cocktail!  You know you’re in a fabulous French hotel when the signature cocktail’s main ingredients are elderflowers-flavoured St-Germain and Champagne!  I’ve been coo coo crazy for St-Germain since the early 2,000s and enjoy it over rocks.  So on the rare occasion I’m lucky enough to discover it in a cocktail … I’m there!  This is one not to be missed, trust me.  In fact, I’ve been back to Sofitel for an event with Atout France and the French Embassy two weeks ago and went early with a friend just to sit at LE Bar and sip a couple of these beauties before our dinner. 

My biggest complaint was that the glasses in the room were not machine sanitised before I checked in.  I did speak with management about it and they assured me they would correct it so hopefully this won’t be an issue for you.  Also, in Le Bar they will replace Champagne with Prosecco in the signature cocktail unless you request Champagne specifically so be sure to speak with them prior to ordering that wonderful delight 🙂

Connect With Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

I had a very pampering and relaxing stay at Sofitel and was so thrilled to be there during the opening night of their new Mediterranean restaurant and lounge Nizza.  The menu looks divine so I hope to have the chance to share it, a proper Nizza experience, and the new spa opening with you in early 2018.

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