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Best Hair Salon in Kuala Lumpur | TONI&GUY at Troika

Best Hair Salon in Kuala Lumpur  | TONI&GUY at Troika

Until last month I had no idea that a Brit with decades of experience working as a colourist across London was in KL.  It’s true, there’s a TONI&GUY in downtown Kuala Lumpur run by the ex Creative Technical Director of TONI&GUY for the EU!  Woohooo!  How is this story not told more?  All I can say is I’m glad to be in the know now because one visit to Matt Mack was all I needed to sort out my hair out, and I’m grateful.  TONI&GUY Troika also happens to be the only T&G located smack downtown in the heart of KLCC, just two blocks from Petronas Twin Tower and in the same building as the fabulous Fuego and Cantaloupe.

Matt attacked my hair in a way that was refreshing and thoughtful. He listened to what I was looking for and then examined my hair.  He came to the conclusion that ‘less is more’ for me.  Turns out that my hair was so damaged in some areas that entire chunks of hair were broken and as he showed me I was shocked.  I knew my hair was a bit thinner lately but I assumed that was lifestyle breakage, not damage from a salon visit, which was quite unsettling to learn.  Matt does a lot of reparation on blonde highlights and colour jobs gone wrong and his comment was simply, “Why don’t they come to me first?”  (my guess is because not enough people know he’s there!)

Matt’s recommendation was that we should add as few foils as possible and let my hair regain its strength to achieve the natural look I want … instead of colouring most of my head, which made perfect sense.  So we’re going to let my natural colour come through and work around it as my hair is given a bit of a break from chemicals.

If you follow my channel you’ll know I had changed hair salons about two months ago because I struggled with the consistency of the highlights at the salon I had been going to for 18 months in KL.  And that changing salons is a phobia for me, so making the decision to change again in such a short amount of time was tough but necessary.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Matt!  If I had known a Brit expert colourist was in KL, his chair would have been my first stop.  You’re going to love him!  Matt is very good hearted, funny, and can whip up engaging and intelligent conversation on most any topic.  Oh….and he does good hair 😉
  • The Location!  I’ve said it already but it really is perfectly situated in downtown KL.
  • They Use Olaplex!  I wouldn’t go anywhere that doesn’t use Olaplex now.  That patented nourishment inside each bottle has made a night and day difference in the health of my hair.  It basically keeps the ends looking ‘fresh from the salon’ even after 7 – 8 weeks, which I had never experienced in my life until Olaplex.


The salon is very pretty and with a bit of British flair in the décor.  You’ll be in for a very pampering experience there.  The salon even has a very skilled nails gal and you can add on a mani / pedi for just 100 Ringgits, it’s amazing.  I’ll share more about that in my next review!

  • To make an appointment, send a message on their Facebook page, shoot them an email at troika@toniandguy.com.my, or simply ring them up on +60 03 2168 8802
  • Be sure to follow their Instagram account for a bit of hair inspiration


– Leica V-Lux Camera with 4K video and 25 – 400mm zoom from YL Camera Malaysia

– Selfie moments:shot on my iPhone using a leather and gold MOMAX Selfie Pro stick

– Music: epidemicsound.com


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Angela Carson

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