Foodies & Gamblers! Go Premium Class Hong Kong to Mmmm Mmm MACAU for Drinks ‘n WiFi on TurboJet Ferry

Foodies & Gamblers! Go Premium Class Hong Kong to Mmmm Mmm MACAU for Drinks ‘n WiFi on TurboJet Ferry

Mmmm mmm MACAU! Whether you are a visitor to Hong Kong simply looking to try your hand at lady luck in one of the dazzling Macau casinos or a local looking for someplace special to spend your Saturday night, I recommend hopping on over to Macau in comfort and style on the TurboJet ferry in Premier Class, which conveniently departs day or night from Hong Kong island or Kowloon every 30 minutes (a bit less frequently I think during the middle of the night, however). There are posh little loos with fresh cut flowers, drink service (yippee!), it’s VERY clean and the ride is smoooothe sailing all the way.

Unless you truly need a ton of privacy, the first tier of Premier Class just above economy is superb, that’s what I’m on (the private or semi-private cabins just seem unnecessary for such a short journey but if you need a little ‘you’ time they’d be perfect!)

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Although I’m taking this first journey on a random Wednesday night simply to validate my work visa (woo hoo, I’m legal!), I had the fortune of sitting next to a lovely Portuguese woman named Carmo who has been living in Macau for the past 20 years and she shared a secret with me. Because Macau was a colony of the Portuguese empire off and on from 1557 to 1999, the true charm of Macau lies within its robust culinary walls, and not in the neon lit glitz of the casinos. It turns out that a pretty healthy number of acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs in Portugal pack their bags and continue to migrate EAST to share their passion with the foodies of Macau! Carmo now has me so excited over the opportunity to indulge in a decadent Portuguese meal on an outlying island that I’m planning a quick return.

Where To Dine

After the comfortable 50 minute hop-skip-and-a-jump over to Macau on the TurboJet, it’s then just a quick 20 minute taxi ride across a bridge to either Taipa and Coloane (pronounced Co-lo-ann-eh) for an indulging dinner at one of the charming hotspots there. Based on Carmo’s recommendation, I have my eye on Restaurante Fernando but let’s see where I end up.

Restaurante Fernando >> Praia de Hac Sa, No 9, Coloane, Macau +853 882 264

Benefits of Premier Grand Class

  • There is a dedicated queue so you aren’t in a massive line with economy class
  • First to board, first off
  • Free (but slow) WiFi
  • Assigned seating
  • Drinks are served on board
  • Complimentary meal, either hot or cold
  • Leather seats with faux mahogany detailing and the loos even have a tiny vase of flowers inside (and they are VERY clean)

On the outbound I didn’t know I had a choice of two meals, so definitely ask. The cold sandwich is definitely a smarter choice than the hot dishes from everything I saw!

Cost each way >> HKD$421-491 depending on if you are traveling by day or night

For more information, CLICK HERE to visit the TurboJet website!

XOXO Angela

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