W Taipei Spa Weekend Getaway (Best 5 Star Hotels in Asia Series)

W Taipei Spa Weekend Getaway (Best 5 Star Hotels in Asia Series)

Taipei may be best known as one of the top foodie destinations in Asia but I’m bumping it up to one of the best spots for a 5-star spa weekend getaway, too!  And there’s no better hotel to indulge yourself in than at the modern, minimalist fabulousness that is the W Taipei in Taiwan’s capitol.  The cuisine is yummy, the mixologists at Woo Bar make some of the most unique cocktails around (ask for the oolong tea infused Tanqueray martinis!!!), the service makes you feel like royalty and the décor is an interesting mix of vibrant and soothing. 

Top Reasons to Choose W Taipei

  • If you are there to disconnect and recharge, there is no reason to ever leave the property!
  • The views of Taipei 101 Tower are the best in town
  • Dim sum and the Cantonese delights at Yen are masterfully prepared by two chefs who came from Michelin Star restaurants
  • You can pamper every part of you in the spa
  • Their INSIDER Joyce knows the city inside out and can help you explore a decadent side of Taipei only seen by the locals
  • You’ll be staying in the heart of the city


Detox, refuel or chill out at AWAY Spa from 10am – 10pm daily.  The menu is vast and includes everything from massages, body scrubs, reflexology and mud wraps to one of the largest assortment of facials around.  My detox favourite is the 90 minute AWAY Signature Massage, structured for someone who has just returned from a ‘long, playful night out’, according to the spa menu!  Check out their full offering HERE.


There is something really special about the W Taipei’s 3 WOW Suites so don’t be surprised if you’re hooked after your first stay!  It’s spacious, there are so many options to lounge or work or simply sit and soak in the skyline or the stunning view of Taipei 101 Tower. OH and don’t even get me started on the infinity tub, which in the spirit of transparency was the first time I’d ever seen one inside a hotel room!

Room Features

  • 116 Square Meters (1,249 sf)
  • An infinity tub for complete indulgence with a 20″ LG LCD Flat Screen TV
  • You can kick back on a white sheepskin rocking lounge chair or curl up on a fabric ottoman (which is basically a modern-day 70s bean bag chair!)
  • King-sized 4-poster bed with 350-thread-count linens
  • Bose® 5.1 sound system
  • Open style bar for mixing cocktails

Click HERE for Video of AWAY Spa & WOW Suite


If you love the W Hotel but need something a bit more economical then opt for a Fabulous Room, which almost hits the 50 square metres mark and delivers panoramic views and a huge bathtub that is sure to relax and rejuvenate you, especially when coupled with a little room service and wine.  When I was in Taipei a few months ago for only a few hours before catching the first a.m. flight back to Hong Kong, this room worked perfectly.  It’s a great choice for a quick stay.  Here was my Fabulous Room, just forgive the dark feel of the photos because I arrived around 10pm so the lighting wasn’t great:

W Taipei Location & How to Connect


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