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Lovely UNESCO Heritage Hotel Cheong Fatt Tze, The Blue Mansion in Penang

Lovely UNESCO Heritage Hotel Cheong Fatt Tze, The Blue Mansion in Penang

Learning that Penang’s Cheong Fatt Tze The Blue Mansion heritage hotel was protected by UNESCO already had me jumping for joy.  Then I read that the property is one of only three traditional Chinese mansions still standing outside of China and it turned into a MUST-stay during my first-ever trip to Penang.  I imagined it would be pretty and wow me with all that blue … and it absolutely did!  With only 18 guest rooms, it’s rustic and historic and chilled out, with an executive chef that every foodie will adore (just see my video or the pics below!).

Be sure to walk over to the Old Protestant Cemetery for that tour.  Clement Liang, the same historian who gives the tours at The Blue Mansion gives it.  Check out my video of my private cemetery tour with Clement 🙂

Why You’ll Love The Blue Mansion

  • At night, that place is magical … lit with red candles and lanterns that turn the blue walls to a subtle shade of purple.
  • The rooms are spacious, decorated with minimalist style, and with touches of art deco.
  • The food!  Oh man, the food!  I ate the most amazing sea urchin dish of my life, which I still think about from time to time.  Simple, unpretentious, and crazy fresh.
  • It is protected by UNESCO and such an important historic landmark that a historian gives daily tours of the mansion.

#FunFact!  It’s located next to a fabulously fun street food pavilion that has live entertainment and music each night.  Trust me on this because I love fine dining … but nothing says Penang like street food, so don’t miss it.  Check out my video and a story from my experience on my personal blog ExpatAngela.com.

Nanyang Room

High ceilings were the first thing I noticed when I entered my room.  Then my private library, the luggage atop the living room cabinet, the old-fashioned windows and doors, and finally the art deco bathroom with it’s bright black and white tiled floor.  There are traditional sarongs to wear during the stay and other lovely gestures like traditional sweets brought to the room each evening in mini dim sum baskets.  The first day mine were shaped like unagi sushi!!!  So cute!!

TIP: Next time I will opt for a room upstairs (which I think will mean upgrading categories).  I was on the ground floor and although I really did love my room, I didn’t love being woken up by my neighbours each morning.  They were much earlier risers than me and I could hear them once their shoes were on sadly.

The Food @ Indigo Restaurant

The Blue Mansion’s heritage restaurant, Indigo, is meticulously presided over by Chef Beh Weng Chia. His dedication to quality and simplicity shines through in each dish from his kitchen.  In fact, two of his dishes surprised my taste buds so much that they are two of my favourite dishes from that trip.  The restaurant itself feels special from the moment you push open the large wooden door.  There are traditional lanterns hanging from the ceilings, a large antique tapestry on the wall, and more of that pretty stained glass in the windows.

TIP: Don’t miss the scallops soup in that black lava hot pot OR the sea urchin with capellini.  They were my favourites and 100% perfect!

Contact & Connect

For more information or to make a reservation, visit their website.  And be sure to follow their Instagram account for a dose of blue love from time to time!

XOXO Angela

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