Penang | Farquhar Mansion 5-Course Chef Tasting Menu Review

Penang | Farquhar Mansion 5-Course Chef Tasting Menu Review

There are only a handful of fine dining experiences of note in Penang and Farquhar Mansion is one that should be on your list.  Elegantly sat within a pretty heritage building and nestled in downtown Georgetown, Farquhar Mansion is rich in history and home to a fabulously large walk-in, climate-controlled wine cellar (and with a knowledgeable team I saw as highly capable to advise on wine selection).  The interior design makes you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time, making it perfect for either a special occasion or a relaxing escape from exploring Penang.  In fact, the night I was there Disney princess songs piped through the restaurant and it filled with couples on romantic dates … it was very sweet.

The restaurant offers a 5-Course Chef Tasting Menu (ranging from RM 148 – 228 for what I enjoyed with the Black Angus beef).  I also added on wine pairing but I don’t remember the cost of that to be honest.

It’s the very first restaurant review in years where I wasn’t permitted to meet the chef or invited into the kitchen and I admit that bothered me.  More so when the foie didn’t hit the mark for me and I couldn’t speak with the kitchen directly. I ended up giving it a pass.

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