Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson (4K) | Escape in Sea View Panorama Pool Villa

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson (4K) | Escape in Sea View Panorama Pool Villa

I had been trying to get over to Port Dickson for more than a year when I finally rolled up for my weeklong escape from Kuala Lumpur’s urban jungle.  My first stop, the lovely Panorama Pool Villa at the modern and fabulous Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson.  I was terribly excited for the stay but unprepared for just how freeing and inspiring my view would be and for how it made me feel.  Honestly, in all my years of check-ins I had never shot a video check-in shared immediately to Facebook but I did it there.  My sea view villa #420 was so ideally located for the most perfect view of the cape, and had the sweetest sea breeze at all times, that I spent hours out on my terrace both day and night.

Why You’ll Love It

  • VIP Treatments!  Trust me, trust me, trust me on this one … only stay in a Panorama Pool Villa or suite.  Not only will you be situated on the best stretch of the property but you’ll have access to the Lighthouse Club, their executive club and lounge, (with over 500 villas imagine how busy the main hotel lobby and areas can be!).  With The Lighthouse you have peaceful and relaxed check-in service, a private dining restaurant only for panorama or suite guests, and a club lounge with afternoon cocktails and a perfect view at sunset.
  • The View!  Every moment on the property that you are outdoors or near a window is bliss.
  • The Bubble Bath!  I took baths with wine and my Kindle with the blue sky and aquamarine waters as my view and they were a couple of my favourite moments from my stay.  It was utter perfection, with their high end Salvatore Ferragamo bath gel perfuming my bubbles!
  • Lots To Do!  I was there mid-week but regretted not staying over the weekend to take a helicopter ride from their heliport.  This is a perfect resort for families because of the variety of things to do.  I think the excursion hand feeding fish is one of the most inventive and unusual I’ve ever seen 🙂
  • The Spa!  It’s not a fancy spa but the treatments were good and the therapist impressed me.  I went in for the reflexology and head/shoulder/back massage which are two of my favourites and they were well done.

My biggest complaints were with the food and the vibe of Lexis Hibiscus outside the villa.  They have a new executive chef coming on from one of The Ritz-Carlton hotels so hopefully things will improve with F&B to make it more of a foodie destination.  Also, while I felt I was in a luxury property in my villa, that wasn’t the case in the main part of the hotel or even in parts of The Lighthouse.  Just know that is the way it is going in and you’ll be fine.  I absolutely loved my stay and would go back again to recharge my battery any day 🙂

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XOXO Angela

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>> this was my first hotel review shot in 4K video:

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