Penang | 8-Course Tasting Menu @ Dining Room at Macalister Mansion

Penang | 8-Course Tasting Menu @ Dining Room at Macalister Mansion

Until this Degustation Menu, I really only knew Penang as a local and street food haven or as a fun town for tapas.  Then Dining Room at Macalister Mansion rocked my world and I realised that I had really been missing out during my past trips to Penang!  Chef Johnson Wong sits at the helm of this amazing restaurant and his passion is palpable.  He and his team serve up an inventive and decadently delicious menu, often served in truly creative vessels, that is fresh and cheering, and paired to perfection with wine from around the world.

The standards that have been set at Dining Room by Chef Johnson are world class.  Down to the small details like freshly made butter, you’ll see his aim is to delight us.  Honestly, every single bite was a gift to the taste buds …. this is an experience no foodie should miss!  

Dine Differently, Every Night

  • Enjoy either the ‘Discovery’ 4-course set menu at RM 308 with wine pairing …. or what I enjoyed, which is the 8-course Chef’s Tasting Menu for RM 468 with wine that changes DAILY based on the best ingredients they have in the kitchen. 
  • Both have a modern and artfully presented egg dish.  
  • Both are balanced and varied between fresh local seafood and meat, farm-to-table fruit and veg, and tasty sauces.
  • And of course both come with amuse-bouche, very yummy, warm coffee bread, and other treats that turned my 8-course menu into more like 12!

#FunFact – over 90% of what is cooked in the kitchen is sourced from local farmers and vendors!

About Chef Johnson Wong

He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, where he started his career learning French cuisine. After that Chef Johnson moved on to modern Australian cuisine and later to Dubai to work alongside an Italian executive chef. From there to a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Macau, then Denmark, and finally Paris.  His CV reads like the gastronomic tour of our dreams!

Now he’s back in Malaysia, in his first role at Macalister Mansion.

Contact Dining Room at Macalister Mansion Penang

  • Definitely book ahead!  For reservations, ring them on +6042283888 or use their online booking service
  • Be sure to follow the adventures of Chef Johnson and Dining Room on their Facebook page
  • Foodies who want to explore local Malaysian farm fresh ingredients should definitely follow their Instagram account

XOXO Angela

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