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Grab Premium Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson in BMW for RM210

Grab Premium Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson in BMW for RM210

While planning my recent reviews trip, I started researching the best way to get to Port Dickson and was instantly shocked at the rates the car and driver services were charging from Kuala Lumpur.  From where I live, it’s only about an hour and 25 minute drive from downtown KLCC and all of the companies I consulted (including the car partners of the 2 hotels I was reviewing) wanted to charge over 400 Ringgits for a standard vehicle, which is crazy.   So I hopped onto to both Uber and Grab to check the rates and found that Grab was cheaper.  I ride in Grab Car or Grab Car Plus almost daily but I hadn’t tried Grab Premium yet so that’s what I did.  For only RM210 I had door to door service in a BMW 3 series just for me.  It was comfortable, enjoyable, and the cheapest luxury transfer from KL to Port Dickson I could find.

I Use Grab All Around Southeast Asia

  • I use Grab Car instead of taxis or Uber almost daily in Kuala Lumpur
  • Their service in Singapore is awesome
  • And I ride with Grab Car in Bali and Grab Car in Medan when travelling in Indonesia

Use Grab App


To download the app, scan this QR code or choose the link to your phone’s store from their website.

PRO TIP!!  Definitely download Grab from home so it’s on your phone and working from the moment you touch down because they offer the cheapest airport transfers, too.

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