Best KL Hair Salon | Toni&Guy Kuala Lumpur at Troika

Best KL Hair Salon | Toni&Guy Kuala Lumpur at Troika

My hair is crazy unhealthy at the moment …. but that’s no fault of Toni&Guy Kuala Lumpur at Troika.  In fact, under their care it’s the first time in years that anyone has cared to map out a 1 year+ plan to get my hair back to happy and healthy and I am SO happy!

If you want to see the details of my disaster, watch the video from my 1st visit and all the awful details here

Their plan to reduce the amount of chemicals we put in my hair is really helping. On this occasion, Vincent cut my hair and Matt did the colour.  Honestly I wouldn’t go anywhere else for colour now in KL.  Matt was the colour director for all of London for a decade so he’s the best to work on expat hair like mine.

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To make an appointment, send a message on their Facebook page, shoot them an email at troik[email protected], or simply ring them up on +60 03 2168 8802.



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