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Bintan | Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal & Street Life

Bintan | Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal & Street Life

I’ve started to really appreciate the fun of visiting the more ‘local’ ferry terminals in Indonesia’s Riau Islands. They have a charm that the bigger ferry terminals simply don’t. This one, I think, is my new favourite! Bintan’s Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal is an over-water terminal that gives it a very open and pretty look. In fact, the distance from land to the terminal is so far that the porters use peddle bikes fitted with storage space to transport luggage and goods back and forth! Come along with me today and explore this lovely local ferry terminal and a few moments of street life on Bintan.

**Note: I’m pretty sure I added in a couple of shots from the Batam ferry terminal by accident so do forgive me if that’s the case.

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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