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Batam | Turi Beach Resort (beachfront on a budget)

Batam | Turi Beach Resort (beachfront on a budget)

Welcome to the best budget beachfront resort on Batam! Turi Beach Resort is set on a stunning stretch of coastline and one of those properties that makes your jaw drop at how breathtaking it is from the moment you step into the lobby. This mini stretch of paradise is the most affordable of all the properties I reviewed on Batam but it was also one of my favourite resorts to shoot video of in ages because it is so pretty. Turi Beach is also home to my #1 favourite Sunset Session on the island as you’ll see. Be sure to stay tuned to the end of the video as I list 4 Pro Tips to have the best stay during your holiday.

Check out all my Batam Videos — including my full Batamfast Ferry review — on my YouTube channelClICK HERE for the playlist

Turi Beach Resort

I stayed in their Premier Beachfront room #114, which I absolutely suggest for it’s unobstructed sea view.

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Angela Carson

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