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Batam | Radisson Hotel Perfect For Families & Golfers

Batam | Radisson Hotel Perfect For Families & Golfers

Eat, Spa & Golf on Batam! Come along on a quickie 1-night stay with me at Radisson Golf & Convention Centre Batam and get a feel for a different kind of Batam experience. It’s the only hotel I’ve reviewed on the island to serve fresh fish caught locally for lunch or dinner at their main dining outlet, it was a culinary delight! While there’s an outdoor bar and a cafe located off the lobby, there is only one restaurant. To shake things up, they change the menu from lunch to dinner so your biggest problem will be what to choose from their quality-driven dishes from around the world. I loved the food there, it’s fresh and fabulous!

The suites are MASSIVE, bright, and inviting! They also have the single largest executive club lounge on Batam (from what I know), an outdoor bar, lots of fun things for kids to do, a wonderful spa, and an expansive golf course attached to the property. That makes the Radisson a great resort to venture out to from Singapore with the family if you want to get in some golf and time at the spa!

Contact Radisson Batam

For more information or to book your stay at Radisson Batam, visit their website.

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Angela Carson

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