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Rooftop Sunday Roast, a Different Brunch @ Sugar in EAST Hong Kong Hotel

Rooftop Sunday Roast, a Different Brunch @ Sugar in EAST Hong Kong Hotel

There’s nothing like a chilled out, unpretentious lunch in a swank venue with a SEXY view of Hong Kong to help round out a weekend, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Sugar in the EAST Hong Kong hotel. While the hotel does offer a traditional buffet brunch, you’ll find none of that up here on the rooftop on the 32nd floor. Instead, you will be greeted with groovy chill out sounds that’ll wash away any tension you had as soon as the elevator doors open and they will keep you swaying through the entire brunch.

There is a very welcoming gentle breeze from the harbour that will keep you cool because until about 17:00 there is no direct sunlight on the deck…making ‘Sundays on the Deck’ the perfect spot for a different kind of brunch with friends or that someone special.

There are two types of seating outdoors, either a high bar table with bar stools, like where I’m happily sat now or low sofa/lounge chairs. Since I arrived early to snap photos I snagged what was referred to as ‘the best spot’ in the far corner of the sundeck. Seating is done a first-come first-served basis so I suggest arriving a bit early to ensure you have the perfect seat to relax in all afternoon. Inside there is also bar seating as well as traditional seating and low sofas.

Brunch goers are a healthy mix of hotel guests and locals and expats and everyone is having a smashing time! There are festive groups and couples, some with bottles of Champagne or buckets of beer and others sipping luscious cocktails…like me! Each month or so Sundays on the Deck changes its signature cocktail and this month it is the Aperol Spritzer, a mix of Aperol (which I had never heard of before, I am embarrassed to admit), soda and Prosecco. The result is a refreshing but not overly sweet orange-infused cocktail that I could definitely sip for several hours! They also have an extensive spirits, wine, champagne and whiskeys/congnac/brandies list as well.

Sugar definitely keeps their version of Sunday Brunch simple. According to Victor at Sugar, what they’ve created is an easy lunch in a breath-taking setting. There are no starters or appetisers but the main course comes with veg and mash and in some instances even Yorkshire pudding! They offer two different main courses. One is always a fantastic cut of beef from Australia and then the 2nd is a main course of either chicken or duck or pork.

I enjoyed both the aged Australian rump of beef with potatoes, veg and Yorkshire pudding, as well as the Spatchcock U.S. hen with mash and veg – you know, for the sake of the review! Both were absolutely tender and cooked to perfection. The Dijon mash was VERY tasty, and the carrots are some of the best I remember eating in YEARS!  

For dessert they offer two tempting treats prepared just for you. This week there was either apple and berry oat crumble or traditional summer trifle and although both were yummy, I LOVED the varied textures and explosion of flavours of the warm crumble – it was DIVINE!

So here’s what I liked BEST:

  • The music and views are a recipe for a perfect afternoon
  • The service, because they take amazing care of each guest
  • The roast veg was utter perfection and the beef was so tender it was like buttahhh!

And because it can’t always be sunshine and rainbows, here’s what I liked LEAST:

  • The tables aren’t set (there’s nothing like the look of a perfectly set table)
  • No cloth napkins
  • The cheese lover in me was a bit sad not to have a cheese platter available as it’s my go-to starter but once I wrapped my head around the Sunday ‘roast’ idea I forgot all about the cheese


  • Hours: 12pm – 9pm
  • Cost: $195 for 2-course menu + 10% service charge + drinks
  • Dress code: casual to fancy. There were cute girls in short shorts and others in dresses with boots and a kicky hat, and guys in everything from shorts to business casual.
  • Music: Groovy chill out, then the DJ starts at 3pm to kick up the funk

XOXO Angela

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Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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