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Sampling Le Fromager de Pekin Cheese @ Organic Farmer’s Market in Beijing

Sampling Le Fromager de Pekin Cheese @ Organic Farmer’s Market in Beijing

Ever since I can remember, cheese has been a guilty pleasure that I have proudly enjoyed.  I really think that if I were stranded on a deserted island that magically produced an unlimited supply of cheese that I could HAPPILY eat it for years if needed!  Well, before I moved to Beijing I discovered Le Fromager de Pekin and the wonderfully passionate owner, LIU Yang, while Googling ‘where to buy cheese in Beijing’!  I have an open invitation to spend a day watching, and I hope helping, manufacture and produce French cheese in his workshop.  Everything is homemade, which I learned today while interviewing LIU Yang at Beijing’s Organic Farmer’s Market.  An article with the complete interview is coming soon, but for now I invite you to check out the yummy photos below, and visit the Le Fromager de Pekin website where you can order whatever your heart desires online!

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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