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KLIA Best Airport Lounge & Sleep Rooms | Plaza Premium First Kuala Lumpur International

KLIA Best Airport Lounge & Sleep Rooms | Plaza Premium First Kuala Lumpur International

Next time you’re either on a pre-planned layover at KLIA, or have a very delayed next flight, tuck into Plaza Premium First and top up your stay with a visit to their Wellness Spa for a few hours of blissful sleep in a private room with shower. During my visit, I enjoyed a beautifully plated and very healthy dinner of wasabi chicken sat on pureed potatoes and complete with soup and a red bean pao steamed bun for dessert. I didn’t try the cocktails but the wine was very nice.

Once dinner was done, I had exactly 3 hours that I could sleep so I went directly to their adjacent Wellness Spa and checked into a private (converted) spa room with my own bathroom and shower. Plaza Premium First provides fresh linens, comfy pillows, amenities for freshening up and showering, and they’ll even come by to make sure your alarm went off if you ask them (which I did, and they stopped by right on time).

This was just what I needed in between 4 flights. The lounge itself is on the smaller side but it has everything you need to recharge yourself, your electronics, and even for a bit of slumber.


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