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Colombo Best Priority Pass Lounge | CMB Airport International Departures

Colombo Best Priority Pass Lounge | CMB Airport International Departures

Colombo’s international departures terminal is pretty small and with VERY little in the way of restaurants, bars, or services … so finding a comfy and chilled lounge to tuck into is a must.  As a Priority Pass member, we have two lounges open to us at CMB.  I did my homework before arriving and knew in advance that the best one is the Lotus First Class Lounge so I b-lined it there tout suite!  It’s one of the larger Priority Pass lounges that I’ve been to and chockablock full of cozy seating.  There’s everything you could want in way of food, alcohol, and shower services.  And there wasn’t the annoying sound of TVs, which I quite appreciated.

IMPORTANT!!  Poya in Sri Lanka is one day per month in celebration of the full moon and no alcohol is sold (or in theory served) in Sri Lanka.  My hotel held wine for me from the day before and I was served wine at lunch but you can’t buy it anywhere.  BUT it is served in the airport if a facility has a shower, which Lotus First Class Lounge does 🙂  

Best Priority Pass Lounge at Colombo Airport

  • What I Loved Most was arriving to the gate at the precise moment my flight was boarding!  Like I said, it’s a tiny airport.  So it just takes a moment to walk to the gate.  The staff advise you right as your flight is about to start boarding, not ages in advance.
  • What Was Strange >> the girl who checked me in was quite snooty to me once she realised I was flying AirAsia and not first class with Emirates.  She even tried to send me to the gate insanely early but luckily there was a second staff member there who was lovely and stepped in and told me I still had another 20’ish minutes before I needed to head to the gate.  

For all the details and services offered in the Lotus First Class Lounge or to sign up, visit the Priority Pass website  


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